it’s time to take you from,

what if? to hell yeah!

it’s time to take you from,

what if? to hell yeah!

I BELIEVE we go further, faster, together… 

1-on-1 coaching

Working with me, my clients realize that they need to open up their hearts and leave their ego at the door. They are reclaiming their freedom and living life on their own terms. They knew deep in their bones that they were meant to make a massive impact and they are now doing it!

If you’re done with that 9-5 that doesn’t fuel your fire any longer and barely pays the bills, then let’s set up a discovery call so you can hear how I left a 6-figure executive corporate career to pursue my passion and purpose to help other women reignite theirs.

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client love

“I’ve made more progress and grown so much with the Angie’s support and guidance that I know for a fact that if I hadn’t taken a leap of faith and trusted Angie to be a friend and mentor to me, I would be stuck in the same place I was last year!” 

Ana F.

“I have gone on to do so many more things in my life through her mentorship/coaching and friendship and I fondly call her my fairy godmother because her guidance has lead to so many wondrous things.”

Shu W.

Her extensive background in sales and marketing coupled with a deep spiritual foundation completely resonated with me and now I am happy to call her not only a mentor but a friend…”

Angelique M.

I am happy to say that my work with Angie opened up opportunities not only in my career but in love & finances as well. I am no longer lost in the shadow of my past success and looking forward to creating a prosperous future.”

Susan L.

“Angie is a light worker! Her approach to coaching is a thoughtful and effective balance between spirit and physical work. She will help you look at how thought patterns and beliefs are holding you back from tapping into your full potential for success, and simultaneously will bring you hard resources, business advice and strategy to start making shi(f)t happen!” 

Heather D.

“Angie CARES about my success & that makes the big difference!” 

Marci A.


STOP WONDERING WHAT'S NEXt and start planning


Learn how I took a full year off my career without stressing about money, gained the freedom to live life on my own terms and how you are capable of it too!

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