Angie Correa | My Philosophy
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“Have courage. Open your heart, and listen to what your dreams tell you. Follow those dreams, because only a person who is not ashamed can manifest the glory of God.


There is no sin but the lack of love. Have courage, be capable of loving, even if love appears to be a treacherous and terrible thing. Be happy in love. Be joyful in victory. Follow the dictates of your heart.”


– Paolo Coelho in The Valkyries (If you haven’t read it, do it today. It’s a perfect transformational journey.)


I have learned that the moment you OPEN your HEART and feel the fullness of LOVE you can accomplish your truest desires. Love is not conditional and it’s not passive we must constantly be seeking growth to truly live our best life.


My purpose to help you integrate all of your competencies, stay in integrity of your core beliefs and create opportunities that allow you to make your vision a reality.