Angie Correa | About
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Alitte about me… I am a loyal friend, a giver and a conduit to knowledge. I open the door for people to walk through and expand their lives. I live a very simple life with a love for family, friends, meditation, personal development, coffee shops, Santa Monica and my bunny Archie. Travel is my vice. Love, compassion, and forgiveness have been my top secret formula for happiness. I’m a dreamer, visionary, and invited manifestor.


I believe that gratitude is a superpower and that treating yourself with respect goes a long way (yes, that includes your body). I have a passion for helping individuals move forward courageously and confidently into what they love doing and away from what they feel forced to do. I want to show you that perfection is overrated and that you are enough for your big dreams. I want to help you kick your fear to the curb and empower you to create an abundant life for yourself through your very own gifts and abilities.


From a very young age, I realized that I had a passion for experiences. This made me different because while people wanted more money for more things… I wanted more money in order to serve up more experiences. I learned that you can’t experience a single thing if you aren’t present in your body and in touch with what makes you happy. This is why you could find me, a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the big city retreating to a meditation group in order to spend time in the quietest place I knew; my spirit.


I was climbing the corporate ladder at an impressive rate and somehow always found the time to travel around to be with my spirit in silence. I went to India, Africa, Mexico… you name it, to fill my heart with peace and the knowing that everything I needed was already inside me. These experiences translated into an AMAZING career in the Corporate Digital Media space because I was coming from a place in my heart that I wanted everyone to win and by lifting others up we would all succeed. I became a mentor and unofficial career coach during those 15 years and now have colleagues who have gone on to do great things in and out of the office. This is something I am most proud of and am honored to have it as part of my legacy.


I was also afforded the opportunity of being amongst some of the greatest inspirational leaders there are. Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, John Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Eric Worre, Dani Johnson, Tim Sanders, Brendon Burchard and so many more taught me one of the most important things I know; good leadership comes from service, not dictatorship.


So I did the work and followed my heart all the way from NYC to California. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. The city was everything I had ever imagined, but the SHIFT that came with following my dreams included a feeling of “loss”. I lost myself, my identity, all of my practices and faith. I didn’t know who I was anymore and I hit the lowest I had ever hit with no idea how to handle it. I began to doubt my move because I left everything and everyone I knew behind. It started to take a toll on my mind and body. My hormones went nuts, and I became depressed and to top it off I gained almost 30 lbs.


It was getting out of that darkness that brings me to you. The one that is afraid of what it looks like on the side of your dreams. Saying no to what doesn’t light up your soul can be extremely scary… but I went through what I went through in order to bring you the tools to get you there. The road is never linear and is very much tailored to your individuality. 

Let’s explore your journey together.