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Learn how I took a full year off my career without stressing about money, gained the freedom to live life on my own terms and how you are capable of it too! 

executive coach for powerhouse women

Start with the FREE life 2.0 Courageous Action Plan!

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After 25 years as a corporate executive and working for companies like Yahoo, NBC, Maxim & Terra Networks USA, there came a point where I felt exhausted and that my work didn’t really matter. I created an exit strategy and had enough money to take a year off of corporate life. Then, in my early 40s, I was laid off of my corporate career. While I found it difficult to find jobs, as they were all filled with employees half my age, it was disheartening to know that years in corporate, I barely had anything to show for it.

It took realizing that my life wasn’t over but it was simply the beginning of a life that was in my own hands. Being a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx, who had already once risen to a high level, I launched my own executive coaching business. Taking what I’ve had learned, my resources, my network & a holistic approach to coaching – I now love partnering with badass, successful, driven women, like YOU, to take their 6-figure executive career and become a 7-figure entrepreneur.

client love

“Her extensive background in sales and marketing coupled with a deep spiritual foundation completely resonated with me and now I am happy to call her not only a mentor but a friend…”

Angelique M.

“Angie is a light worker! Her approach to coaching is a thoughtful and effective balance between spirit and physical work. She will help you look at how thought patterns and beliefs are holding you back from tapping into your full potential for success, and simultaneously will bring you hard resources, business advice and strategy to start making shi(f)t happen!”

Heather D.

“I've made more progress and grown so much with the Angie's support and guidance that I know for a fact that if I hadn't taken a leap of faith and trusted Angie to be a friend and mentor to me, I would be stuck in the same place I was last year!"

Ana F.


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Learn how I took a full year off my career without stressing about money, gained the freedom to live life on my own terms and how you are capable of it too!

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